To reach the Isle of Batz

Vedettes Ile de Batz
Vedettes Ile de Batz

Regular shuttles to reach the Isle of Batz

Every day of the year regular shuttles operate between the old harbour in Roscoff and the isle of Batz (15 min crossing)

Crossing Timetable :

From mid Octobre till end of March :

  • Start from the island : 7.45*AM, 9AM, 10.30AM, 12.45AM, 2PM, 4PM, 5PM and 6PM
  • Start from Roscoff : 8.30*AM, 10AM, 11.30AM, 1.30PM, 3.30PM, 4.30PM, 5.30PM and 6.30PM

From beginning of April till end of June and from beginning of Septembre till mid Octobre :

  • Start from the island :7.45AM, 9AM, 10.30AM, 11.20AM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM and 6.30PM
  • Start from Roscoff : 8.30AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12AM, 1.30PM, 2.30PM, 3.30PM, 4.30PM, 6PM and 7PM

From beginning of July till end of August :

  • Start from the island : 7AM, 8AM and every 30mn till 7.30 PM
  • Start from Roscoff : Every 30mn from 8AM till 8PMde 8h à 20h

*canceled on sunday and public holidays
Shift of schedules, in precise dates, inquire with the tourist office or shipping companies

Vedette Ahara

To reach the Isle of Batz from Moguériec harbour

In the heart of the Sand Coast, 45 mn guided crossings to the isle of Batz. From the little fishing harbour of Moguériec in Sibiril.
Free time on the island.
From April to September.
Booking required. For sale at those places :

  • Cléder - Tourist Board : 1, place Charles de Gaulle    - Tel : +33 (0)2 98 69 43 01
  • Plouescat - Tourist Board : 5, rue des Halles              - Tel : +33 (0)2 98 69 62 18
  • Hôtel La Marine : Moguériec harbour  - Tel : +33 (0)2 98 29 99 52

Timetables :